Items not aging or changing state ever again when I use stairs

If I drop hot smoked meat, go down the stairs, and come back up, sometimes they stay hot forever.

I had a towel that stayed wet forever - a year plus, then I finally butchered it for rags.

I’ve got a charcoal kiln that stays lit forever. Quite convenient, actually, as it provides light (and really, I have a stone constructed kiln that I make charcoal from, anyway).

0.C stable. Default tile pack (hoder, I think?).

I did import the world from 0.B, but I didn’t notice that problem before. Also, it definitely keeps happening (the meat thing - I have over 150 permanently hot smoked meats, and it keeps going up).

It does not appear to stop rotting - cooked meat doesn’t stay hot and eventually rots, as expected. Haven’t tested it extensively, though, and it doesn’t happen to all the smoke meat (about half the time?), so that’s not for sure.

EDIT: Localized it

Food items are explicitly made inactive when loaded if they can’t spoil. This is handled when the location is loaded from a save (savegame_json.src).

This doesn’t solve the permanently wet towels and lit kilns - this must be a separate problem.