Can't seem to heat up foods I used to be able to heat up

New player (3-4 weeks playing).

Extremely enjoyable game!

So, with a different character in a different world, I was able to heat up foods like “bratwurst” and “quesadilla” and such.

When I try with this character, I get:
“You don’t have appropriate food to heat up.”

Even with food I previously could heat up with the other character!

Additionally, it appears I can heat up at least some stuff while it is STILL hot, but not once it is cold - obviously defeating the purpose, heheh.

I have tried with “pot”, “stock pot”, “steel frying pan”.

I try the same way it was successful before:

Go to action menu.
Select the cooking tool.
Activate cooking tool.
Pick item from menu. (though I don’t get to this step anymore - I get the message above instead)

I am using these mods:


Though I removed “no_freeze” to see if that would remedy the issue (it didn’t).

Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding the mechanic?

It was fixed recently, update to latest version.

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Thank you for the help!