Items fall to ground when put on seat

Trunk is full so items fall to the ground. (Something like that is what it says when I try to put items on the seat)

This was on the SDL build Version 0.7.1-1398-g92d912a

This is what I get when I try to put items in the Driver and Passenger seat of a Flatbed. Not sure where to look for the file to put here to help out but easy to reproduce. Also as much as I hate saying anything as I enjoy it the weight seems to be over 100lb’s carrying weight for me now? Not sure if this was intentional or not.

Also are the updates on the latest experimental builds put anywhere? I am blind, I’ll admit it.

Ehh… It is how it is supposed to be, if it is full, it drops to the ground. Try in another seat.

Maybe the player should be asked about dropping stuff through the floor…

The closest thing we have to a changelog would be the commit list on the github page (here)

This has been reported in and should be fixed pretty soon.

The seat was empty to begin with and only putting one item on it would not work either, but thanks for trying meh.

Thank you, did not see that. Thanks for the github page rob.