Inventory Item dropping down without notice when picking something from ground or vehicle, annoying

I’ve noticed few times when character picks something, current inventory item can be dropped to ground without notice. Apparently this happen when inventory has no enough space.
For instance, I have sealed stomach with water and other thinks in inventory, then I take combat boots from the ground, and go to house, but then I see sealed stomach with water is on the ground. There was no message like “you have no enough space”, and I even have no notice in log, like “your water (sealed stomach) dropped down”.
Item on the ground can be noticed if area is clear, but if it is dark or there are other things on the ground - you can easily lost some item.

Have you seen something like that? Do we have a github issue?

My version is:
Build number : #10606
Build version: 0.E-1404-g1268e85

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Might explain some of the random disapearences of items and equipment I’ve been having. Thought I was just being dumb and accidentally left it somewhere somehow

Yep, I’ve noticed this, too.

  • Shane