0.A Bug: Multiple items assigned to the same letter


I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I am having difficulty removing the tattered lab coat. This bug probably also caused me to slice up the wrong clothing.

Have you tried pressing “=” to manually assign a letter?

Are you asking about the cause of this bug or suggesting a workaround?

You can use the arrow keys to select items in the inventory when you have double-assigned letters like this. You could drop both items and pick them back up and hope that it does not keep a double assignment, or use the arrow keys to navigate to the item and try to access the item description menu that way to drop it or re-assign it. I do not know how re-assignment works if your inventory is already full, save first incase of a crash.

The default behavior of newer builds of the game as far as im aware is is to not assign something a letter after you hit 75 items. I read somewhere that clothing always gets assigned a letter however, so my guess as to what caused this is that you picked up/equipped something which maybe didnt have a letter, and then the game forced it to get a letter that had already been assigned? Or it was possibly double-assigned after some crafting happened. Needless to say having a full inventory has always been a pain. In older versions i encountered this bug on occasion, but was never certain of the cause.

If submitting a bug report for this, devs would need to know the version you are using because it may be fixed in recent builds. Its definitely a known problem for some older builds though.

In addition to what is shown on the title bar in the screenshot?

Unless it was the “stable” version of 0.A, then providing that information sure couldnt hurt. Further version information should appear on the title screen, looks like a random string of letters and numbers.