Item spawn rarity

Would it be possible to make the item spawn rate even lower than 0.1?

Also, does setting the item spawn rate to 0.1 will make very rare items not appear at all?

Sure, that wouldn’t be to hard, we assumed 0.1 was low enough, but we could allow setting it to arbitrarally small values.
Specifically how the item spawn rate adjustment works is every time it generates an item, it has a chance to simply discard the item instead of placing it on the map. As such it doesn’t adjust the rarity of items at all, just makes items overall rarer.

@Kevin Granade: Yes, I would like it set to even lower values because honestly I don’t think 0.1 as it is now low enough.

Howabout higher than 1?

With the current implementation I don’t see how we can make it greater than 1.0… hrm…
Ok actually I do see a way to do it… I’ll see if I can add that…

Yes please :slight_smile: