(SUGGESTION) Setting Spawn Ratios for specific Enemies and Item groups

During world creation you can set the item’s spawn rate, and enemies spawn rate.
However I think the game would really benefit from being able to set specific spawn rates.
Some example groups:
Weapons, ammo, crafting (Components like gunpowder, paper, 2x4’s, etc) Food, Medical, CBM’s, fuel, etc.
Enemies: Robotic, Mutant, Zombie, Special Zombie, Animal (Natural), Animal (other), Survivors (NPC’s), plant, Insect, etc.

I would love to make cities overflowing with zombies with a tiny amount of specials sprinkled through, rather than either having the city flooded with specials, or none at all with a mod.

What I could see is a black/white list for items, that is done at worldgen and is structured kinda like debug mode list. But I dont think anything like that would be near-term simply because of the work required for it.

well it would be easier to change the spawn GROUPS ratios around wouldn’t it? rather than making it so each individual item could be ratio changed. Put it in some sort of advanced options in world gen settings. Would think that would be much easier. More wildlife group, less firearms group items more trash group items type stuff etc…