Item multiplier exploit

I was just playing an SDL experimental version 845c229 and dropped more batteries than I had. I wanted to put in 1000 but accidently put in 10000.

What happened was I dropped 10000 batteries that I didn’t have. Also, I had a battery “debt” and when I dropped that on the other 10000 batteries they went back to the 1200 I had before.

Can’t reproduce either with regular drop or advanced inventory, can you be super-specific how this happens, like the actual keystrokes to reproduce it?
It’s also possible that it’s a windows thing, though that seems unlikely.

[ul]I can reproduce it pretty easily. Here’s what I do:

[list type=decimal]
[li]pick up batteries so that you wield them[/li]
[li]press d[/li]
[li]press left[/li]
[li]type in ‘10000’[/li]
[li]press right to confirm the number[/li]
[li]press enter to drop[/li]
[li]see how many batteries you dropped[/li]

Now if you look in the inventory you have a ‘battery’ with no number by it, this battery is the “debt” I was talking about and if you drop it on the other batteries, you will have the same number of batteries as before you dropped them.

Thanks! Can reproduce it now!
Should be able to fix soon now that I know what’s happening.