[android] how to drop and pick individual item?

First, hopefully it’s the correct section to post this.

Just download the game on android yesterday, the experimental version, and accidentally pick 80 leg ammo pocket because there’s no button or prompt to pick # of items. When I try to drop it, i only able to drop it one by one.

Now the question, how do i pick only one unit of item from a stack? And how to drop those all at once (or couple of them)?


Dot in Advanced Inventory Manager.

How do i open advanced inventory manager?

Sorry, I’m really new with android version.

All the keybindings are same as on PC with a few shortcuts for mobile.

Since there’s only “0” “m” “i” “e” and “g” onscreen key. The only way i found to open advance inventory is by binding the double finger tap to emulate “/” key.

Back button opens keyboard app.

All you need to do is type a number then swipe right to pick it up. For example, if I want to pick up 2 rags, from a stack of 4, I open the keyboard and hit 2, then swipe right, then tap anywhere once to confirm.

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Well, maybe it’s only me. The first time I pressed back to open keyboard are fine, the keyboard showed up. But after that, every time i tried to open keyboard, it just simply close the game.

You should update to a later version if you haven’t. Back key works fine for me now, but there were some updates that closed the game on pressing back

I had the same. Possibly updating fixes it, but if it doesn’t manually installing the APK from the github should not have that crash.

You’ll have to allow installing external APKs and find the version you want that has an android release. Sometimes the android versions lag behind a tiny bit.
At the moment of writing, this is the newest experimental version that has an android APK (same version as PC):

If u open the inv and then drop items from there, it can be drop one at the time. While the D command is multidrop in a direction. Forgot if d command is multidrop in ur occupied tile or just a single drop in ur occupied tile.