Item Duping and NPCs crossing worlds

Couple bugs I stumbled across but haven’t been able to extensively test. One is that if you try to multidrop items into a Trunk but only part of it can fit, it appears that some items will both be added to the trunk’s inventory and the entire stack will also be dropped on the ground, essentially meaning duplicates of whatever was added to the trunk.

The other I’m less sure about how it happened, but I had NPCs enabled on one character, went out into the world and persuaded another survivor to join me. (Randomly generated, not the one that starts in the shelter.) shortly afterward I suicided that character with Q and remade them with the same template and name. The option to delete the world when you die was enabled as well. However, despite this, when I went outside the shelter on a new character the same NPC was waiting outside, still friendly. I don’t remember if I restarted the client before this, so it’s possible this was just a result of the world not properly being erased and NPC friendliness carries over to new characters.

In-game deleting is broken. Do it manually.
Known bug that friendlies carry-over without a world delete.