NPC - "bring back my bag which i didn't give you"

Nth character in the same world. Went exploring, found a city where one of my previous attempts died. The previous one got the mission from an NPC to collect 80 cattail stalks and bring them back with her bag which she gave him. Needless to say, he didn’t return with the bag. Now my current char found that NPC, got the same quest, but did not get the bag, despite her dialogue saying she gave me one. Now I can’t complete the quest because, well, I don’t have that effin bag. I remember (more or less) where previous character died, should it be on him? Or the quest is just bugged forever and can be safely ignored?

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I’m pretty certain they’ll accept any bag that is of the same type as the one they initially gave and isn’t damaged. A duffel bag probably.

Still… it shows that the quest is a tad bugged if the same npc gives the item out twice, which tells me they’re either generated with the bag they would’ve given or that something is wonky with the npc interaction between two player character who received the same quest from the same npc.

Checked npc/missiondef.json, and you’re right, it is duffel bag.
Also, not sure if that’s the source of problem, but player character is supposed to get the bag via "effect": [ { "u_buy_item": "duffelbag" } ]. I guess if NPC doesn’t have the item, you can’t “buy” it, right? Should’ve just spawned the item in PC’s inventory instead. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Player killing NPC after getting the quest and having two duffel bags instead of one? Good luck fighting/running with both of them equipped…

rework it so NPC’s ‘recognize’ that the quest has been taken, and want their dufflebag that ‘the other guy’ never returned with. Could even show some concern for their health, and want to know the fate of character depending on how strong a relation with NPC or faction.

Don’t think it would take to many checks to do, and would be an immense of immersion feeling like the world is affected by your actions

Bonus points for making future renditions of completeing the same quest come with warnings of ‘but none of them ever return’ and possibly even ‘just bring back news of their condition, and what killed them if you can, I need to know what kind of danger is at X’

Yeah, except it’s the other way around - that NPC not only didn’t “remember” me, she also “forgot” she had already gave her quest to another person - and therefore couldn’t give the same quest to me because she didn’t have necessary quest item. Still, seems like it is related to how NPCs/their quest states are stored.