Consistent world?

I just started a new game. outside, there’s a companion that I had the previous game yelling at me to catch up. He still thinks he is on a mission with my previous me, I guess. Are worlds consistent, and does every character start in the same spot now? Because when I look at the map, I am in the same world, same spot as my previous char.

Exiting and restarting the game does not fix this one.

Edit: Okay, the NPC keeps telling me that it’s 0.50 miles away, no matter how far we kept going. And as of now, he got himself stuck in a corner of the hardware store he ran into, yelling at me to “get over here!” whenever I wander too far. Definitly bugged here.

FYI, I downloaded the game via the link provided in the recent Bay12 thread, and am running it on a i7 running windows 7.

You don’t always start in the same place, but all subsequent characters do share a world. NPCs persisting over saves is a weird bug, and I thought it was fixed already, but NPCs in general are broken as all hell right now.

You can gen a new world by deleting the save folder. Also, when you save and quit, you then need to quit the game from the main menu in order to get it to correctly save the map, ending the task or exiting via the X button won’t save the world state.