Issue in fuel tank in updating my 0.9 save into 0.A


I think this looks like a bug, I posted in the announcement thread but could have been wrong so I post it here too.
I stopped my last game session right close to the armored car. So without moving one tile, with e in direction of the vehicle I get in 0.9

And in 0.A

I am aware there could be some issue with fuel consommation (like this : , but here I do not run even one turn so I think it is not the same issue, but only a save compatibility issue between 0.9 and 0.A.

Am I wrong ? Did you experiment something like that ?


Thanks for reporting: no idea what went wrong.

As mentioned on the issue. It wasn’t a bug, the tanks can just hold more fuel.

Thanks a lot, I will make an ultimate test to be sure (siphon the car in 0.9 and refill it in 0.A) but it seems a fair answer.