Experimental 2681 - Debug message while driving

Using Experimental 2681, spawn in a rubber hose, some kind of fluid container and a hatchback. siphon some fuel into the container. Get in the car and accelerate (i tested at 9 and 29). Examine your vehicle, move down and left to the fuel tank and refill. You should get the following debug message:

“DEBUG: Activity ACT_VEHICLE: vehicle not found” and
"DEBUG: process_activity ACT_VEHICLE: vehicle not found"

I imagine the game is trying to put gas in the tile where the tank was, 6 seconds ago, finding no tank and derping out. Maybe I could exploit that with multiple tanks, idk, but it probably shouldn’t be spitting debug messages. I dunno about the feasability of refueling while driving, but I chose the hatchback as test vehicle bc the tank is one tile from driver seat. Maybe same tile only?

Pretty sure the bug here isn’t that it can’t refill, it’s that you can examine it in the first place. When I tried, it told me something to the essence of “you can’t examine a moving vehicle”.

Hmm… I can get that message if i let go of the steering wheel and press 'e’xamine and pick any direction but down. Examining the tile with controls in it always gives the option to examine the vehicle or control the vehicle. If I am drving and press e, it jumps straight to the Examine vehicle/control vehicle menu. Those are all the scenarios i can think of atm… And no matter what, if I try to refill the vehicle while it’s moving there is a debug message.

Yes, because you’re not SUPPOSED to be able to try refilling while it’s moving.

Lemme just file an issue on Github…