Diesel vehicles on bridges

Any vehicle that runs on diesel that spawns on a bridge always has 0.0 fuel in every one of their tanks, with green text. Attempting to siphon this fuel causes the game to freak out. Leaving and coming back causes the 0.0 to change to 0.3 for every single fuel tank.

I’ve observed this on 3 different bridges, with around 20 different vehicles, each of which has at least 2 fuel tanks.

If you’re wondering how I saw 20 vehicles on 3 bridges, the first bridge was really, really long.

I know I’ve started multiple threads about different subjects already, I’m just trying to be helpful.

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Nothing wrong with wanting to fix crap or hoping someone else will.

So this is a repeatable bug? 1 toon or across multiple? Does changing the load order with vehicle mods make a difference?

It is repeatable, with both characters. I’m too scared to mess with load order.

And apparently it’s not only diesels, and not always all of them. But it’s 100% always on a bridge. The Military Cargo Truck about 50 feet away is totally normal, and it’s on the same bridge. But the SWAT truck further away is not.

I am so confused.

I can confirm that. This does happen on bridges, but I didn’t notice that myself.
Anyway, it’s a really old problem. I remember seeing this at least during the spring (real spring).
I also remember gasoline vehicles having 0.0 liquid in them.