Unable to refuel (0.9-2943-g0e6b-25c)

I have a custom motorbike with two gasoline tanks. I constructed it using two metal tanks each containing a drop of gasoline (removed from cars) and then fueled it using a plastic jerrycan of gasoline and the ‘refill’ function in the vehicle examine menu.

I now seem to be unable to refuel it. When I select a square with a fuel tank in it the ‘refill’ option is still greyed out. If I press it anyway it either tells me “you need batteries” (for the square that also contains a battery) or “there’s no fuel tank there” (for the square that doesn’t). Changing gasoline container does not affect this.

I’m going to try removing and reinstalling the tanks which I think will probably fix it, but I thought I should attach a save first so you can see it.

Version: 0.9-2943-g0e6b-25c
Savegame: http://snk.to/f-c7h30xhr (file too large to attach)
I am standing next to the vehicle (‘Runabout’) holding a gallon jug of gasoline.

Edit: Removing the car battery that overlapped with the fuel tank allows me to refill that tank, but the other tank is still bugged. (Though using ‘refill’ on any tank will refill all of them so the bug is not causing me problems, I’m just raising it for future correction).

Refilling is a bit strange. The battery counts as fuel tank and is refilled by the same process. In the vehicle window one can only select the square, not the vehicle part, so the game assumes that the last (non-full) tank in that square should be refilled, which is the battery.

The other tank is already full and is not considered for refilling at all (that’s why it says there is no tank). Because you only refill one tank at a time, you have to refill each tank individually. Really annoying if you have a monster truck with 20 tanks.

And I think that needs some improvement.