Hardly any fuel in pumps?


I just started playing. I found a working truck and set up a base in a lone gas station along the highway. I drove the truck to the gas station, and filled it up… but only to 36%! I’ve emptied all 5 pumps at the gas station and there is no more fuel left. Is this normal? It seems like it’s going to be really difficult to keep my truck fueled up if gas stations only have enough to fill 1/3 of a tank.

Here is a picture of the gas station:

And here is my truck. Do you think the light red fuel tank is a problem?

Nope, that just means the part is badly damaged. Don’t go running over any zeds before repairing it or you might be in trouble.

As for the pump, each pump has a random amount of fuel left in it, don’t know the min/max numbers myself but it’s not unusual that you can’t top off entire tank from a small pump like that. There are larger pumps out there with two rows of pumps that will usually have enough to fill larger vehicles.

Also, does that vehicle have more than one tank?

Yes, it has 1 tank on either side. However, when I filled the damaged tank up with fuel from a canteen the fuel gage didn’t seem to change, which is why I wondered if it was leaking or something. When I filled up the other tank the gage moved.

A canteen has tiny volume compared to a gas tank. It takes several steel jerrycans to fill up a single tank, IIRC. Two tanks on a vehicle is a whole lot of gas, which is why you’ll be seeing very slow movement in numbers if you’re trying to refill it using a canteen. A single gas pump not providing enough fuel to fill two tanks is not unusual.

That said, gas tanks recently got their capacity expanded, so it’s possible that the amount of fuel available hasn’t changed to keep pace. I’m not sure if that’s an oversight or a conscious decision, though.