Bandit Quest glitches

0.B Stable
Windows 7

After years of ingame time I finally ran across some NPCs and got given a quest to kill some bandits in a forest nearby.
At this point after getting pretty close I activated my stealth cape, put my artifact ring to quiet my steps and quantum tunneled myself into their cabin.
I then hacked them to pieces without them being able to so much as lift a finger to fight back.
Sadly I wasn’t able to actual kill them in one hit like I was expecting, somehow they were able to block my attacks with their limbs even though they didn’t know I was there.
Anyway after doing this I had a -300 morale from killing innocents and the quest remains uncompleted.

Other than the bug post, is there a possible edit to the master.gsav file that I can do to make the game register that I have completed the objective and am ready to hand in the quest to the NPC?

Yeah, known issue when the bandits in the cabin don’t hostile on you first. Not sure re save editing, though. Sorry. :frowning:

Hmm, isn’t there a way to have them always hostile, though not going to attack you?

Why not attack ? That makes no sense. What should that accomplish?

So the mission gets ticked even if they are not attacking youm

For that it would be sufficient for them to be hostile right? So make em always hostile /end.

That would mean they did not saw you and still go to kill you. :I

Attacking them made them hostile, but it was basically killing an innocent and apparently made them not count as bandits?
I don’t know, that might not actually be related.
I edited the save and managed to complete the quest and a couple of the following quests involving bandits had the same problems, I let them see me first before fighting them so no innocent kills but the quest still didn’t complete even after killing them all.

So hostile npc will always find you?

Realy do not play that much with npcs.
However i wouldn t fix it like tthat cause it would mean adding on a broken system. Rather fix the fact that once they are hostile they get a pc tracking device.
Npcs following you even though they can see/hear/smell you makes no sense whatsoever.

I did not mean that… Ugh, why do I even bother.

I am not sure what your trying to say?

You need to get shot for the mission to trigger?

You bother cause youre a nice person and do not want to leave me in the dark yout this?

DEBUG: Couldn’t find bandit_cabin
Function: tripoint target_om_ter_random(const string&, int, mission*, bool, int)
File: src/mission_start.cpp

well - it is not so fear, because bandits is teleported near me and i have only do 10 steps and kill the busters.
err i mean bastards :slight_smile:

That’s weird. At least your post made me see my really old posts. Man, I overreacted badly. Sorry there, Valpo.