Npc villagers have privacy issues

I care for my people I feed them I offer materials and they lock me out of my own kitchen

just completed the kitchen well upgrade for referance

then with the woodstove upgrade it starts off open

That’s actually crazy. Never seen that before.

Listen, they’re not like you, using your vibrator while they’re sitting there watching you. They need a bit of privacy for that kind of thing. Why you gotta be so judgy?


They’ve become rebellious. There is only one solution. Beat one to death as an example to the others.

How do you beat a friendly NPC to death? I know you can shoot them but not smack them.

You can use the ‘e’ context menu to attack

Neat. Will they fight back? Or get hostile?

Absolutely. But the rest will help you put down the poor sap who had the audacity to get upset when you smacked them in the knees with a crowbar.

So friendly NPCs can be turned hostile Eh? But at least the rest are good soldiers beating insolent ones back into line.
And on topic. Is there anyway to ask for forgiveness besides save scumming? Or do you have to kill them because it saved the world data and they are now permanently hostile? Also I looked into it a little and will disarm and steal make friendly NPCs hostile? I know it gives a prompt for neutral NPCs.

Not 100% sure on that.

being hostile is permanent.

Not sure why getting a crow to the temple would make you want to forgive the aggressor. But I suppose stockholm syndrome could be a learned trait for NPCs lol