Is there anything other than the 'spear strap' that can be used to hold spears?

I much prefer my ‘strapped layer’ to involve a backpack of some sort, and I really don’t want all that extra stacking encumbrance.

I think beside the spear strap, the only other thing to hold spears would be your hands. Otherwise you’ll have to store it in your inventory or vehicle storage.

have you really checked the encumbrance?, if you have it strapped it gives you an extra, but if you wield to be combat ready, the encumbrance is minimal even with the extra, and secondly, with how backpacks works now, is even better, since you dont get the full encumbrance unless its full

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Why use a spear when you can add a blade to the end of your rifle and let it do both jobs :wink:

moreover, if you need to fight melee, it’s better to drop the backpack on the ground to lower encumbrance considerably

Doesn’t it still waste a ****load of time if the backpack is full? I remember watching Vorm’s video, and each time he dropped his full backpack, his character was spending like half a minute to drop everything that was now not fitting in new volume limit. Granted, it was an old video, that’s why I’m asking.

yes you’re right because at the moment the game drops first the backpack and frees all the needed space the backpack provided by dropping many items

iirc, there will be a new feature treating every wearable container separately, so, if you drop a full backpack, it will count only the time needed to drop it, and everything it contained will be dropped in that instance

(something like that)