How is the storage line used?

I have this thing, it has pockets, but I can’t wear it and it doesn’t activate.

I think all you can do with it is wield it.

Weird. I was hoping it would be useful. Thanks.

Containers like boxes and storage lines are useful in that you can put multiple things in them and wield it as to not have to carry them one by one.

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I guess another advantage with hand-carried containers is that you could drop it with no movement cost, of course it could get tedious to wield and unwield it sometimes, but then you could just drag it across the ground.

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Good thinking. I was using a reinforced garbage bag that way yesterday. It is really tedious to unload because the contents of the bag are not included in the inventory, but it did expand my storage capacity.

The fast drop feature is smart unless the benefit is negate by the subsequent need to draw a weapon.

When I’m bulk looting an area I’ve cleared previously, I’ll have a duffle bag in my hands, and drop it to draw a knife/pistol if needed. Great way to keep encumbrance low in case you missed a zombie in a bathroom or an eyebot calls in a police drone.

There has been the nice benefit to wielding containers if you don’t have the storage for it otherwise or just want to move a group of tools/materials quickly.

I did find a large box which was a lifesaver on a naked and afraid run I did because I could carry the box in my hands and fill it with stuff.

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