Tell the reload when you die

Sometimes things just Don’t go according to plan. Like when you’re working really hard on that new character, encounter a zombear and try to take it down using a shotgun only to forget getting hit interrupts your aim, then you’re getting tag teamed by him and his wolf spider romance. <—recently happened to me.
Or a faulty CBM installation, or other unfortunate events.
My question is how many of you reload the game when this happens? Would you consider it cheating? A learning experience? Or are you just that invested in your characters? And if you Don’t, do you see it as cheating the system? Let me know.

I do like 3(or less) death\fail saves in long runs and then if i die - new character

Lol, well I already went over that on this character. Maybe once I have more experience I’ll do it less. I do try to learn from every death.

When I started playing Cataclysm I reloaded constantly. I found that everywhere that wasn’t the evac shelter was wildly dangerous and the number of zombies were overwhelming.

Then I scaled back zombie spawns, health, and speed as I learned. Didn’t need to reload as much after that. Slowly worked my way back up to normal settings.

Now I never reload, on principle. I’m a decent player, now, and I enjoy the early game more than the late game anyway so death or lost install or bad mutation just makes the game more fun.

Yeah, I’ve got the zombie mutation time pretty low but I keep the zombie spawns the same. It’s the special zombies that really demolish beginners lol I find it hard to even get near a city when you never know if there’s a hulk around.

I always reload. It doesn’t ruin the gameplay, but atleast you know what to and not to do next time.

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I myself never reloaded any save, i always decided to learn from the problem and do it better next time. i love consequences, even when its a random unlucky moment thats unavoidable.

You’re a brave brave soul. I’d probably get burnt out from failure lol

Yes, sometimes i do it, when i invested to much time into the character and i find the event unlucky and not resolvable.

Like spotted by a mi-go which was hidden by a smoker and there is nowhere to hide. Also there are some dangerous monsters - like zombie hulk or moose - which ones are harder to see with retrodays tileset and sometimes they surprise kills me.

haha, its really devastating when i had survived two seasons and then die to a grenade hack or something, but really, its better to move on as i dont have a need to get back for my characters. thats just how their story ended at this point

I used to a lot. But now only for really BS situation. I attempted to remove a glass wall on my house, it was one of the new ones that is not quite finished, so it wasn’t painted or furnished and the windows didn’t have curtains. You can’t deconstruct a glass wall so I smashed it, an alarm went off, screw that. Not a single window in the house had set off the alarm except those. So I reset that one and started building a wall around them. Then last night while I was constructing the walls on my house, out of the blue a random NPC appears and tells me to drop my weapon, I tried to calm them down and they became scared. After the speach UI dropped the Stop your action UI popped up way to late. I ended the construction and she was right next to me, I moved and she head shot me… Reloaded after that load of tripe.

DDA can be cheesed so easily and the reqirements for sustained survival are so trivial that the only way to making it challenging is to both look for third party mods and also ignore easy exploits that haven’t been patched. Really, the only way to die in vanilla is carelessness (or car-lessness in case you find a tank drone in the middle of the road) since zombie pheromones exist. After mastering the game you’ll quickly realize that the most fun part was the earlygame, when you didn’t know anything about anything and if you’re like me you’ll eventually stop playing altogether and only check the repo to yell at the screen.
I think this image sums it up perfectly.

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In a game where random probability exists, I would argue that there are plenty of situations where sometimes death is inevitable.

  1. Faulty CBM installation.
  2. Driving at night and accidentally running over an inconveniently placed minefield.
  3. Moose ambush.
  4. Zombie hulk ambush.
  5. Bad RNG. Sometimes the rolls just don’t go in your favor.
    I’m sure there are plenty more that other people can suggest.

I have to agree about the beginning of the game being my favorite. I’m waiting with anticipation for the npc update and the base building mechanics though as that is one of my favorite gameplay styles.

Lack of skill means only using OP characters and if one of them manages to successfully flee the riots I protect their lives until they are right screwed.

Prepare for a succession game. Invest into the world first. Find all the books and keep them safe at base. Get a kitchen and kitchen buddy functioning on solar power. Get years worth of flour from a nearby farm and have it processed. Various stashed equipment to rebuild the good stuff listed in the books. Then die to acid because you got cocky near a hospital. Rage quit and delete world from disgust. From personal experience don’t do the last part.

The defining parts of a character are really the cbm and mutations. The cbm are gone except for spares but mutations are pretty much renewable. The personal library handles the rest. You can even make a cheese blackbelt start to reclaim items, or to get a head start base, then build the real character. Reloading just saves a bit of time when the game already gives you plenty of other options. Though I definitely considered it for things such as moving a locker full of stuff using hydraulics and it took like 2 in game days and minutes of time to complete. Probably would of died to thirst if he wasn’t a plant.

Strip’s pretty funny, though a little rudely dismissive of what the devs do.
Personally, I went through all of those stages and came out the other side. I now do challenge games and weird setups, and continue my main game driving my deathmobile eternally eastward to see all the new building types crop up, and to explore the latest stuff.

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Wish I could do challenges. I’m just not at the tier to have good odds against the more difficult ones.

I savescum when the game throws me down a dumpster. If I die because I screwed up, I let it stand.

Sometimes, I start playing while watching TV, just to get some tedious busywork done, like reorganizing my base. I’ll get distracted and go out for some looting, and usually die because I’m not playing at my best. I’ll usually savescum then too.

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Don’t reload and world gets deleted. Every time. Not for everyone but i have no qualms over dying. I also play without skills on a really bad day, only taking traits and attributes. It’s not easy, there is a LOT of dying. you get pretty used to it.

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