Is there any way to increase the field of view?

I suppose you could try running the game in a terminal emulator and see if that would let you fullscreen the game and take full advantage of your screen space. I have a feeling there might be a much simpler solution that we may be overlooking though.

EDIT: I just noticed I gave you guys the wrong font. The correct one would be DejaVu Sans Mono:


No need, I can already essentially full screen it.

I suppose I could just drag the window off to the left so the black bar is off screen. But there’s also the menu bar on the right which takes up too much space.

I don’t know. I think we just need some kind of improvement to the driving system.

Can’t we make large objects show up on a minimap, or enable a driving mode that switches to an alternate resolution or something like that?

Edit: Just experimented a bit.

Basically, what’s happening is there seems to be a cap on the viewport dimensions. If I set the width to a higher value, it doesn’t make the “image” any wider, it just makes the black bars wider.


Hello all, new here, first post, etc. Been lurking for a few weeks.

I’ve found the source of what’s causing these issues involving the viewport when using tilesets. It appears there’s an inconsistency in how the available screen real estate is being calculated(font dimensions vs. tile dimensions). From what I can tell, the tile view is being passed useable width and height values based on the font size which, with the default tile and font sizes, results in the tiled map view only using half of the available width.

I’m gonna try my hand at fixing this issue up, now that I’ve managed to get the code compiling(3 hours of troubleshooting compiler issues, getting a compiler up and running from scratch is such a headache…)

P.S. - I’m sure the last thing y’all wanted to see around here was another “Wolf” yeah? :smiley:

Wolves are like dakka, you can never have enuff.

It would be great if you could sort that out.

You know what could be even better though? If someone could work out a way of having the game display on two “screens” at once.

Not two actual screens. More like two viewports. One normal, in a large scale. The other would be zoomed out with an entirely different scale and would be for driving around without crashing or seeing monsters that your character can see but YOU can’t usually since they’re off screen.

Current progress on this:

36x36 viewport on a 1600x1200 screen:

this is interesting.

i use the gameboard tye tileset would this work for that to :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose there’s any theoretical way to hotswap between tile sizes / game resolutions? It would be perfect for driving if it was possible…

No, there is none.

Actually, with the changes I implemented, it would be possible to have a hot-swap “zoom out” set of tiles. But, it would require duplicating the tileset at a smaller size. And, or course, implementing said feature.

But, it’s technically possible.

[quote=“Graywolfe, post:30, topic:4691”]Actually, with the changes I implemented, it would be possible to have a hot-swap “zoom out” set of tiles. But, it would require duplicating the tileset at a smaller size. And, or course, implementing said feature.

But, it’s technically possible.[/quote]

Hot-swapping has been technically possible for some time, but there is no such feature in yet.


This needs to happen. It would improve the driving experience so much…

Viewport fix is in experimental now.

I’m not sure if this is related to the viewport fix, but in the latest experimental the game thinks that my mouse cursor is way to the right of where it actually is.
Like if I point at something on the left side of the screen it will tell me about a square about halfway over to the right edge, and I click-to-move it will move me to that (centre of the screen) square.

I’m running Waldo’s 24x24 with a 230 x 70 viewport. (I had to dramatically increase these numbers after installing the latest experimental, previously they were about 90 x 35).

On it. Didn’t even think about the mouse, I don’t use it.

Thanks. I confirmed it was the viewpoint change by rolling back to #682, but it sounds like you’re already on top of it.
Otherwise it’s a great change :slight_smile:

Yeah, was just an oversight on my part. Found it, fixed it, testing it, will have a PR up in 15 minutes or less.

I don’t mean to be a complainer, but now vertical alignment seems to be out instead (Experimental #697). It thinks the cursor is ~12 squares north of where it actually is.

Managed to track it down. It was an issue with a ratio between the tileset and the font being truncated. So, it only affected configurations where the tile divided by the font was not an integer value.

I’ll be sure to keep an oddball sized tileset around from now to test things like that.

Thanks for that. Has it been PR’d? (Doesn’t seem to be in Build #721)