Noob Question: How on earth do I make the game fullscreen?

Like I said, noob question. I’ve seen all these screenshots with a much larger playing area than the game “straight out of the tin.” I’ve searched the forum, but the only explanations I could find were ones that made no sense, haha. Could someone explain to me, in terms suitable for a five-year-old, how to make the play area larger?

If you are on windows then you want to go into the options and (IIRC) change the “Windows size X/Y” options. That should resize the game (though you might need to resize the window separately.

If you are on linux, OSX, or Cygwin on windows, then you just need to change the terminal size before launching the game. If you are loading from an app you might need to check the preference menu of your terminal program to set the default terminal size in order to change that.

I assume that’s the “Viewport size” options. Derp, I can’t believe I missed that all this time. Thank you much!