Is there a way to salvage robots for ammo?

For instance, a mini-tank or whatever it’s called at the moment, has A LOT of ammo inside him. I can just ram him with a truck and get what’s left, but I can also disable it with a control laptop and put it in an offline mode (or so it was when I tried it last time). But the only robot that I could strip of its ammo was the turret. Which is great, but really not enough for a hoarder like myself.
So, is there a way to get all those 40mm grenades and .223s out of the military robots?

P.S.: I’ve found this mod recently, but it’s far too outdated to be of any use, probably.

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I dont believe there is a “vanilla” way of getting ammo from robots, but I could be wrong.

Oh and the mod your speaking of is now called “Salvageable Robots” and is included in the experimentals.

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