Is there a way to make power armor a vanity?

I want to use power armor helmets and the armor itself as a vanity with other gear, can it be somehow done, if so, what files should be edited?

What do you mean by vanity? Do you want its sprite to be displayed instead of any other head gear?

Thanks for your response:
I mean nullifying it’s physical stats to make it a non-power armor, 0 defense, 0 encumbrance, 0 weight item just for the looks, for this i need to edit power armor json file, am i right?

Thanks once again, this thread can be closed, i figured it out - you go to cdda/data/json/items/armor folder and find power armor file there and edit it the way you want, i just wanted to set the stats to 0 so i can still use it just for the looks as a cosmetics item

you could also alter the tileset json for whatever armor you like wearing to power armor

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