About Power Armors

Hello, I would like to try to make a new power armor, could someone please tell me step by step what I would need to make one or if it’s even possible to make one at moment? I would really appreciate it.

Power Armor is just a special type of clothing, or armor. You just need to open the file data/raw/items/armor.json in Notepad or some other text editor. In this file, whenever you see a bunch of text in curly braces { }, that’s all the properties of one item. Each line within the braces looks like this:
key” : value
And the lines end with commas (except the last one).

The only thing that makes a particular piece of clothing “power armor” is this line:
“power_armor” : true

You can Ctrl-F the armor file for “power armor” to see examples.

There’s my two-second summary of JSON. You could also try out my tool for modding: