Is there a way to make it so you don't know what is inside something?

What i mean is a lot of tilesets give you “Xray vision” meaning if you are close to something you can open you somehow know what is inside what i want is to only know what is inside something after i look inside.

The assumption is that if you’re close enough to that kind of furniture you’re rummaging around, none of it is locked and we abstract away the time it takes to do it in the name of convenience, it would be a lot of extra keypresses to do it the way you ask.

For what it’s worth a lot of containers should already hide things if you aren’t close enough to them (at least they do based on your PER in the curses version IIRC). If the tiles version isn’t doing that and the curses is then that would be a bug.

Tiles does it too, it just depends on the container and probably your perception, like i2amroy said already.
I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t realize that. I’ve seen on Youtube, a few different people, just walk into a room and hit (V)iew, not realizing they can only see the top item of the stack, even after finding other items in said stacks/conatiners.
Azrad explained it to me a while back in a while back and I think it all still applies, if your interested in taking a look.
I believe you can seal crates up with items in them, as well, and maybe coffins now too(at least with people in the coffins, not sure about other items).