How to 'unhide' contents on multiple things

Is there a way to show all items in a hidden container. MRE’s specifically. I can’t see the food inside them and I don’t like having to examine and view hidden every single one individually as it’s a bit tedious. So, if anyone has a shortcut I’d appreciate it.

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If you want a single or few certain items from IFAK or Wallet or MREs select your backpack from Inventory [i] and select insert [i] command - you’ll see list of nearby items you can insert into backpack. Move cursor to MRE/IFAK/Wallet that has hidden items and press [<] - it will ‘un-hide’ items within. Now you can select items you want to insert into the backpack. Or press Esc to cancel.

If you have MRE/IFAK in your inventory, move cursor to it and just press [<] to unhide all the items.

If you just want to inspect - you can select MRE/Wallet in advanced inventory [/] and press ‘o’ to open it. But this one is just for inspection, not interraction, I believe.

Hope it helps.