Container 'visibility'

Alright, so here is my idea -

A lot of containers should have their own ‘visibility’. For example - You could see almost every item that is on a counter by pressing X, but not everything that is in, say, a bookshelf or a dresser.

Now, your ‘perception’ skill might also improve how far away you can see items. Say, 20 tiles away you cant see anything that’s in a bookshelf, 10 tiles away you might see one item, 5 tiles away 3 items, etc., for now I’m using random numbers.

On that note, things such as lockers, safes and lock boxes should be added. Even while standing next to them, they will appear empty when looking at them. Say, you hover over one with X, it will just appear as “This is a sturdy safe”. Then it is up to the player whether or not he wishes to go through the hassle of opening it. You could approach them with explosives (say, attach a c-4 to a safe), use the newly added lock picks and so on. When it is finally open, only then the items inside will appear, if it even has any.

That would also add a bit more to looting, say, add lock boxes to banks so they would be even worth visiting.
Safes could be used in houses, police stations, etc. and might contain guns, drugs, etc.
Lockers to pharmacies, schools, laboratories, military outposts etc.

Just a tiny idea I had, nothing too major, but still. This just might make players put in a bit more effort when going looting cities.

I like it.