Is there a way to get dogs to stop barking?

My current character is staying at a campgrounds with a fellow survivor. There’s two Beagles nearby. I’ve managed to tame one of them and put them in my RV but the thing is, now I can’t haul or craft without getting the popup every 10 seconds “From the northeast you hear YAP!” and it continously pops up making it so it’s super frustrating to craft or do any action,

I don’t want to have to kill the dog so is it possible to craft a muzzle or something? Thanks for any help or info!

No muzzles, no. Not a bad idea for an addition though.

If you’re trying to craft or sleep at your base and the sound notifications bother you, you could use earplugs.

If you’re concerned it will attract enemies when you go looting or exploring, don’t bring the dog without armor.

As a general rule, they don’t survive long. They still kinda don’t even with armor. Also, get dog whistle, and you can tell them to go passive so they don’t run into a mob. Unless you want a little meatshield, I guess.

Bullets. I’ve had the same issue with security devices and low mechanics. I just go on the tile and beat the hell out of it until it stops honking.

you could always chase it off. some animals flee or calm down by being yelled at it or wounded.

You: “Is there a way to get dogs to stop barking?”

Me: opens mouth to respond

You: “I don’t want to have to kill the dog”

Me: closes mouth


So basically no you can’t but you could open an issue about it on github and someone might add a silence tamed dog option to the game as it seems reasonable enougth.

Yeah I was gonna say your only option generally is to make it into sandwiches. Being able to tell them to shut up would be handy though.

I’m glad i’m not the only pyschopath player here. I was about to suggest converting the noise making machine into something more usable like hide, meat, and bones

Although kicking the puppy until it runs away or shuts up, is still more less or less morally questionable compared to just simply putting it down humanely with a knife to the brain-stem

Indeed, I would also encourage asking for this as a feature request. It’s perfectly reasonable, and the fact that tame dogs keep barking (presumably constantly) seems like something they’d want to address anyway.

Well! I managed to find a pet carrier for the dog I tamed so that’s over and done with! However the second dog became nice BBQ Ribs and some Cracklins.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I kind of wish the dog barking was a feature in and of itself, actually. Like a different kind of alarm, where you could train and station dogs at the front of your compound, so they’d start barking when something bad got close and it’d alert the player if they were otherwise indisposed.


Yeah when the person who was adding the barking said what they were gonna do - I instantly thought of guard dogs.

That would require some C++ code, so that tamed dogs bark when they see a hostile enemy, that flag could then be set via JSOn for other animals potentially.

It’d be good for bases and when playing with hordes on.

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Have you ever seen or read Old Yeller?

Make a dog muzzle? It is a gun mod.

What we need is the ability to flag various snippets (the things an monster says) to be used only when the monster meets certain conditions. For example, when the monster can smell or see an enemy, in this case. Or when the monster takes damage (Yelp!), or is heavily wounded (whine)

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Is there an animal carrier recipe? Some wires, maybe a little plastic, and a modest fabrication skill should also solve this barking problem. They seem rarer than they should be, seeing as though a good chunk of households have animals and probably a cage or something smaller stashed in a closet.

Where are the requests I can’t seem to find them in the Repo, if I can find a list of requests I can easily create this.