Suggestion: Dog improvements

Basically, this is what I’d like to see for dogs:

Adapt the NPC dialogue code to treat pet dogs as NPCs.

Through this dialogue menu, you could:

-Give the dog a harness. We should be able to armor our doggos to give them a chance against the monsters, and the harnesses already being in the game just mocks dog owners.

-Play with your dog, spending some time and creating some noise (the dog barks) for a morale boost.

-Use a short or long rope and a spike or nearby piece of furniture to tie the dog in place.

These seem to me like bare minimum dog interactions, and it saddens me that apparently they’re not already in the game. Perhaps someone could try it out with a mod and see how it works, and then it can be folded in once it’s relatively stable? I’d take a crack at it myself, but I can’t code for shit.

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Yeah I like the idea of kitting out your doggo, similar to how you can in fallout!

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