Is the "byproducts" field supported?

The linter is complaining about the plastic chunk (14), cotton boll (?) etc. entries in recipe_others. What is going wrong?

The error: Unmatched context ‘recipe:byproducts:@’

Historically yes. Certain recipes used to yield byproducts. Byproducts have been a thing for many many months. I haven’t played in a few months though. I… think it was the lard recipe that also yielded cracklins as a byproduct? Just as an example. Used to work just fine.

I pushed some updates to the recipe code that could be causing this. Can you post an example of the problematic JSON?

I think it was caused by old data, since the linter started working after narc0tiq updated the site. The only other error I got was due to the use of “note”: comments instead of “//”: comments in the core JSON.