Recipe Bugs and/or Inconsistencies

As of experimental build 1855, there are some problems in the recipe JSONs.

Many recipes still use specific tools instead of tool qualities (e.g. “saw” instead of the “SAW_W” quality, a list of tools like “primitive_hammer” and “rock” instead of the “HAMMER” quality). Similarly, some recipes don’t allow common alternatives to a specified tool (especially “toolset”).

Oddities: “matchbomb” consumes “match” as a tool instead of a component. “rock_sock” consumes a “rock” as a tool instead of a component. Is that deliberate? Do all components need to be in a single stack when treated as a tool instead of a component (or vice versa)?

Also, more tools could use custom tool qualities (e.g. “tongs”, “chisel”) to allow for custom toolboxes/toolkits, though that’s not a bug per se. And if you don’t mind me drifting into wish list territory, the JSONs could use some reformatting for consistency.