Is the bionics nerf intentional?

I see some of the latest builds introduced a new power measurement for bionic implants, that also seems to have capped bionic power at a paltry 2000 units.

Is this intentional? Is there a way to up the limit? 2k storage is a very paltry sum, specially if you are going the route of providing all your gadgets UPS power from yourself.


All this “realism” bullshit is getting on my nerves… It’s just basically overcomplicating things for the sake of the few who feel the game is too easy.


That’s not the reason that the core developer team is pushing for realism.

Also, as Fris0uman noted, bionic power draws are also ridiculous, so we’d like to see those reduced to realistic levels.

It is maybe not the main reason, but the consequence, unintended or not, is limiting the valid playstyle options. For example, the hard cap means now it is not viable to rely on bionic power for ups, and the integrated toolset is much less useful.

Also, I want to point that until skill progression starts taking decades, I will say “push for realism” just means “nerf things I don’t care”.


It is not possible to change the game with a single snap.

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There could also be some middle ground, in that you require progressively higher grade power modules to store more with an increase to torso encumbrance by 1 per module.

10 common MK.I modules would only get you to 1000, 4 uncommon MK.II modules would only get you to 2000, 2 rare MK.III modules would only get you to 3000, and finally a final and extremely rare module MK.IV will max out your bionic power at 4000. You would also require the lower level modules to install the higher ones, meaning you can’t just skip levels, and the autodoc would refuse to install them if you didn’t have the required lower level modules.

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Until skill gets reworked expecting it to take years is insane, if you go by CDDA logic you cant have a general skill set without being a debilitated wreak.

I’ll added I think the nerfs to bionics are over the top too btw, it would be easier just to added a mod that removes them entirely or takes out the unrealistic ones and have it set to default then keep nerfing them into oblivion/cutting them from the game.

The meme that realism is only added to the detriment of the player is tired and old and full of salt.
Why are you willfully ignoring the myriad of realistic things that were added to the game and aided the player?
Reality is reality, it dosnt care whether it makes things harder or easier, it just … is.

Reality is a focus of the games development direction, and that won’t change, when you see one thing get nerfed, you are seeing the snapshot of one thing that one person wanted to work on, and ignoring all the others that have happened and will happen.

As others have mentioned, CBM power usage is often quite unrealistically high currently, they will be made more realistic in the future, then that will aid the player.

You are also ignoring the fact that boats were added, and wind power, and less crazy wind speeds, and water power, and realistic meat yields from butchery, and realistic fishing, and realistic solar power generation, and we aim to add realistic ammo and gun distribution ( which, by the research we’ve done, shows there should be a lot more ammo around ) , Mechsuits were added, which although a bit sci-fi, are within the realms of current technology, there are plans to add trains, and helicopters, you can now ride horses, and pull your vehicles with animals, you can now haul things across z-levels, you can now throw grenades from behind a wall by peeking out, you can now get a realistic level of foraging results from the wild, with a realistic variety of wild foods, you can now store food for a long time in your stomach, it now takes weeks to starve, just like real life,
These things all “help” the player, or reduce tedium, need I go on with more examples?

You can also modify a lot of the values in the games json very easily, you can also make whatever code changes you want and compile it yourself, it being open-source.

In short - the amount of valid playstyles in this game, is exponentially more, and more customizable than most other games, and is increasing , not decreasing due to a focus on realism.

This realism “bullshit” is one of the main focuses of the game, it produces believable natural balance, and a snapshot of one change that generates salt is not the finished state.

Please don’t just resort to kneejerk salt over one change, look at the bigger picture.

Or if you dont want it in your game, change it yourself, you have that freedom we’ve given you.


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I’m salty? yes, because I don’t care much about most of the improvements, to the point I’m starting to thing 0.D stable is the best version to play. And while most of the “nerfs” can be reversed, it’s just the ones that seem hardcoded that seem to impact more my gameplay. So yes, I’m “salted meat slices” salty.

If you want realism, just remove the zombies, CBMs and mutations. And stop saying things like “it’s unrealistic to have a player accumulate 14k power units”. Using realism to justify changes to imaginary systems is unrealistic. Just call it by what it really is: arbitrary.


In order to rebalance cbm power draw toward values coherent with real life, which would reduce most cor by 1000, we need to use the unit energy infrastructure and track charge in joules.
However in doing so it made values above 2400 units overflow.
Once the power rebalance is done you will have power capacity max of 2 400 000 000 mJ and plenty of cbm that only consume 10 mJ.

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Here we go again

“if you love realism, when are you going to remove zombies?”

Do you know how many times ive heard this fallacy?

Do you understand the concept of narrative style? do you understand that imaginary elements of a setting can be grounded in reality? do you understand that a setting can have fantastical elements set against the backdrop of realism?

It is not arbritrary , at all to make these elements have grounded roots.
We base CBMS on what we believe may be possible with similar or near future technology, this makes them more believable, we have no interest in magic silly sci-fi.

Thats a style choice, used in fiction extensively, ever heard the terms “gritty/realistic/hard sci-fi?”

Thats the style we’ve chosen, and as long as its striving for consistency with its own in-universe rules, thats all that matters.

Zombies are unrealistic, but we’ve established how we believe the blob works, therefore zombies arent powered by hyperspace unobtanium vanes, they are powered by something that has rules and boundaries to how it operates.

The same with CBMS, so no, we are NOT going to remove all zombies and CBMs,
we are going to make them operate as much under the laws of physics as we can.

You say that you dont care much about most of the improvements, then… I dont know what to tell you, keep playing 0.D and dont play experimental I guess ?
therefore you wont have to get salty and make stupid posts about the choices we make, youll be happy, and we’ll be happier not having to read your uninformed opinions.

BRB im gonna go inform Brandon Sanderson that he should remove magic from his fantasy series of books, because he attempts to constrain some of the systems within the laws of physics.

And after that, ill go tell GRRM that he should remove white walkers from his books, because he attempts to depict realistic human societies.


Thank you for clearly stating what the end goal is for this change. It’s easy to get hung up on the steps along the way when they deeply impact gameplay in the interim.

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Yep, but powering a headlamp, shooting an A7 rifle or keeping my electric blanket warm will cost the same, so I fail to see the advantage.

Says YOU :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

At least now we have a common ground. You are not doing these things for realism, you’re doing this for consistency, and that is something I can get behind. So stop using that word: it may not mean what you think it means :upside_down_face:

I agree that these things may not have place in what the base game is envisioned to be, and that’s why mods like aftershock exists, the same magyclism exists to add magic beyond what is consistent with the game lore.

The problem is the current changes will severely break some of these scifi mods, in a way the only solution may well be reduce by a factor of 10 all electric costs.

I may be a bit cinical (or salty, because I never cared much for magic, but I love silly scifi), but I suspect that any changes that severely breaks magyclism would not have been pushed forward without at least some consideration of alternatives.


It s a work in progress, we ll probably extend the energy infrastructure to every tool soonish.

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If it’s flashlights and night vision and electrohacks and occasional power tool use, it should still work.
If it’s heavy welding activity, that’s not an intended use case. Making heavy, continuous activities work based on internal power only was never intended to work.

I’m not clear what you’re basing this on, different activities have wildly varying power draws.

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A7 rifle etc will need “magazines” now. Carry some batteries with you…
Or use bionics that recharge bionic power.
I’m playing highly bionic character and as long as power draw will be made more realistic it should be fine. Will be harder but doable.
I’m against cutting power units to int tho, gl converting storage batteries to those units. There was PR made with int64 but it was closed, not merged.