"Slow sleep healing" traits line balance issues

Some time ago a new line of “Slow sleep healing” perks have been introduced.

There is a couple of issues with it:

  1. They don’t prevent you from taking FAST healer trait. So you can get 8 point for slashing your “sleep” heal to 10% of base, spend 2 to get “fast healer” and still come ahead because with fast healing you will regain HP simply by being awake with little to no issues.

  2. New slow healing perks are simply too powerful for what they do. Slower healing is one of the easier drawbacks to manage because you can both simply heal via different means (mutations, bionics, consumables, etc) and because base healing rate is high enough that even 1/3 of base is plenty in most scenarios, while 1/10 is still manageable.