Patient record quest doesn't register complete

Finally manged to find patient records for my NPC companion, but the quest didn’t seem to complete properly. When I talked to her, she didn’t ask me about them, or take the records (like I would expect on a fetch quest). And while she gave me her next mission, the patient records quest still shows up in my missions list.

Is there any way to get this mission out of my mission list, as it is annoying that it is still there.

I don’t know about the mission breaking or anything like that.

But you can remove quests through the debug menu. It does warn that this is an unstable debug option, so I don’t know how it might negatively affect you. So, I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t do that? But it’s an option.

Open the menu and press ‘d’ to edit self/npc, then select yourself, then press ‘M’ to edit missions, then select the mission you’re talking about, then do whichever option you’re looking for.

Marking it as complete does nothing, so I just went with the remove without cleanup option. Got it out of my missions list at least.

This might be related to the NPC in question being my traveling companion. While still capable of giving missions, the FEMA camp mission also failed to properly complete. Once again there was no dialogue for it completing, and it just let me request the next mission, while it stays in my missions menu.

It’s a known bug that’s cropped up, fixes are on the way. Here’s the report:

well i found on my experimental 8485 build that not just particular mission that got bugged like this but the whole quest available is also remains on the mission list even though im already tell the NPC that the quest is successful.