Is it too hard to wake up a character?

What the title says. It’s very hard for my character to wake up even when zeds are around. Here are two examples:

  1. I slept by the window, zed broke the window but i woke up only when he attacked me.
  2. Zeds bashed down a door but this was not enough for me to wake up.

zedinshed Screenshot_1

Does anyone experienced this to?

PS: No, i had no heavy sleeper trait, no ear plugs, etc.

UPD: And again (but now a bar door was smashed) i overslept:


Hmm. The only time I’ve had this happen to me was when I had the bad hearing trait, but I take it from your PS that you don’t have that problem? Is it possible you have a mutation or CBM that is affecting your ability to hear?

If there’s truly nothing like that going on then that seems concerning, I would think a breaking window or door would for sure wake a person that’s only three or four tiles away.

EDIT: Does being dead tired affect your characters likelihood to wake up as a result of sound? It seems like it might affect waking up to an alarm which is the same thing.

you need to post your character’s stats/traits. without those we can’t tell if there is anything specific with your character going on.

Nothing special about my char:

tat sta

ttt effe

The most annoying thing about these problem that it seem to be very random, i tried to recreate the problem in the same conditions (to prepare a save file for you) and failed.

tiredness directly affects how easy it is to get to sleep as well as how hard it is to wake back up. aka every time an event happens that COULD wake you up it rolls a dice and that determines if it actually wakes you up. basically, i think you just got really unlucky with those window smashings.

Yea, just slept through it evidently. It happens, even IRL. I sleep with the window open, and I slept right through a major thunderstorm/windstorm that legit ripped the fence off our yard and threw it into the alleyway. Woke up next day and had to ask what the hell happened.

In game, I usually run characters with the heavy sleeper trait, never had much of a problem. But I also make it a habit to sleep in windowless rooms, after clearing the area up a bit. Precaution pays off and all.

But I also make it a habit to sleep in windowless rooms

My char managed to sleep through destruction of bar door in his prison cell.