Is it possible to play this game on a chromebook?

An acer c720p chromebook to be more precise. So is there a version that works or do I have to compile it into a certain format?

There’s a thing called Crouton that installs linux on your Chromebook, and linux has CDDA and Steam.

If you don’t want to do that, you could install an SSH client, there’s a great Chrome extension, and you could SSH to r7st’s watchcdda server or

No tiles or sound though.

(But multiplayer (sorta) and people can watch you play on watchcdda.)

Are there any risked to using crouton to install the Linux os? Also if I do decide to do that this will be my first time actually interacting with a Linux system.

No risk as far as I can tell. When you have it running you can switch back and forth between ChromeOS and Linux by just pressing shift+ctrl+forward and back.

Crouton is an awesome way to turn a hundred dollar email box into a Steam running powerhouse.

Mine had 16g of hdd though, so maybe power shack rather.

You have 16 GIGABYTES of hdd! Damn son. Also thanks I’ll see what I can do.