Steven Armstrong type builds, and helicopter crashes

Made an account just for this.

So I wanted to make the most 'Murrica post apoc businessman, using “any” for pool points, local politician profession, and helicopter crash scenario eith some serious Steve Armstrong vibes.

TL;DR surviving and fighting after the crash is hard. Even with a tanky character, tips plz?

Long version:

11 str 11 dex 9 int 9 per
Local politician
Heli crash scenario

Pros: tough (no cush ivy league school), high adrenaline, melee, marksman, firstaid, bashing (baseball enthusiast)

cons: rigid table manners (man of culture), nearsighted, strong scent (extra manly)

The idea is to use the briefcase mainly for loots and stay nice and unencumbered while doing combat (and looking classy) in his suit

Id prefer to find bionics rather than edit stuff around to start with them, but I cant seem to avoid some major bleeding and stat debuffs from the crash. Also I think politician (or age 42?) Snuck in “overweight” on me somwhere, I dont know where…

So my high strength toughguy ends up weak, winded, limp, and slow, very easily.

Am I doing something wrong or should I be startscumming for a medkit and sleep it off in the cockpit if clear?

“Overweight” isn’t a problem. I believe it doesn’t have any negative effects (higher weight does). A bit of extra fat actually means a bit of extra calorie storage, which is useful.

No armor + melee = likely death. You can probably take out one or two zombies with only minor injuries (minor bleeding, which stops by themselves after a while).
Thus, don’t fight unless you absolutely have to, especially if you haven’t anything resembling armor (jeans is better than nothing, leather is better than jeans, …). Run if you can, hide if you can’t (probably hard with strong scent, though). You can try to sneak away during the night, but I find seeing the enemy at a distance is far better (won’t work in cramped quarters, of course).

I think the scenario is a challenge scenario, and those are intended to be lost most of the time, I think, so it involving some significant starting handicaps shouldn’t come as a surprise. When hurt, slink away to heal.

Your tough guy only has impressive stats compared to the default, but you’ll quickly find that STR is very important. If it’s too low you can’t move crates (too heavy for you, but 11 might be sufficient [9 isn’t]), bashing things works poorly (bashing is all or nothing, not whittling away, so most attempts have no effect apart from rapidly causing fatigue), wearing some armor (and weapon) leaves very little room for actually carrying loot. STR is king, and INT is a very distant queen. There’s not much room for heroics or crushing skulls left, right, and center in this game (I guess you can do that if you use the “give yourself any stats you want” mode, in particular when combined with the stats through kills and/or stats through skills mods).

Melee drains fatigue rapidly, and so does running, so avoid those activities when you can, and remember to stand in a corner to catch your breath well before running out, or you will run out when you can’t afford it…

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