A Survivor's Journal (new old lost due to map failure)

Day one since crash. Its been a day since my helicopter crashed. My pilot just fucking turned and got the rest of my crew. damn order for super weapons to be in their drop pods when on helicopter. I couldn’t save them thankfully they passed when we crashed. the copter survived pretty well and i found a second crash near by. i spent most of the day repairing and modifying the copter from what i could get from the crashed one. i doubt i could ever get it to fly but i likely could get it work as a car. aaha that would be a funny car. but i have no engine so its mostly just my house for know.
Day three. So i found a road near the crash site but a thick forest was in the way so no way i getting a car through it. took hours but I managed to steal the tires off a Semi truck with a dead engine. and a electric motor and some solar panels so after a few hours of welding and sprinting to charge my integrated tool kit (thank you bionics) and know i got a running ride. front half looks like a helicopter with a wall in the way of the sliding doors, i removed those and added a wall there with a door on one side. and the back looks like a car. going to call it the Firebird. No idea why i just like it.
Day 6. Found a home. the FireBird works but i still think a more stable base would be a good idea. i Had a lab ID from before the Crash and found a old lab. managed to boaurd off one of the two main rooms since one had this constant emp that drained my bionics. the other works well tho. moved the counters from room B in to room A. So now i have a Crafting room and a bedroom tho i have yet to build walls in the way. And i need to still make a bed. the lab ice’s cold tho the first floor is fine but god Damn its cold down there. means i have a place to store any food i got. on the way i found another copter crash. was one of those experimental Nuclear Helicopters. the minireacter was damaged but i was able to repair and a working machine gun. So yay for me
Day 8 So i built those walls i talked about and a bed. a proper bed for once some how i managed to make it even better then those damn cots we get on base. also got to the second flour of the lab even colder down there. I am so Glad i have a climate control Bionic and managed to disect some of those zombies and got some more Bionics mostly power storage. going to see what else i can do thinking of makeing some leather armor to help keep me warm down there

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