Single question from possibly returning player

Hello there.

Last time I played was version 0.C and I stopped playing because I spent 90% of the time preventing starvation. I could only dream of planning other things like exended expeditions, explore the lands, special projects etc.

It was all about getting enough food (and carrying around all that, too, of course) - felt like I needed to eat 2 deer per day or something - ridiculous and not at all fun.

So my question is: has this changed substantially ? Can I play in a way which allows me to spend the majority of time with other things ?

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Yeah, It’s a lot better now. The hunger system is a lot different now, and you can gain weight over time from overeating. It’s not as fucking annoying anymore is what I’m trying to say.


Food and basic tools are much more common now too.

Carrying stuff is still the same challenge, but there are a lot more options then 4 backpacks.

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Currently it is more like 2 deer per month. That is, if you can perform full butchery, otherwise it is 2 deer per week.
And if you’re more looter than hunter - since kitchen drops rework food in kitchens is ludicrously abundant. You’ll have more troubles carrying it away than finding it.

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Finding food is a complete non-issue. With pinecones and cattails around you will have to actively avoid them for food to become any kind of an issue whatsoever. And even then it’s extremely easy to find food.

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So, any updates? Can we welcome you as a citizen? :slight_smile:
I think I started around 0.C too. Food-related improvements since that time also include:

  • being able to dehydrate most of the things unattended with drying rack and mill with water- and windmills
  • much more farms with food and breeding tameable animals (don’t destroy your spoiled eggs, just leave them in a closed room)
  • underbrush resetting every season
  • more recipes for offal

One minor hiccup though: in 0.E there is a problem with food rotting in (spoiler ahead) ice labs but the fix in code is ready.

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