(Build 9364) experimental is getting unstable (and i love it)

first of all, i’ve been playing experimental version for long time now and i finally understand why experimental has this “Stable-unstable” pattern in every new build. according to my observation and research, when experimental build is getting unstable like random error occuring somewhere in-game, features not working, mod not working, and more, i believe there is an ongoing, work-in-progress code/feature being added into the game and because its still in-progress, the code makes the game unstable resulting in error.
which is why i love experimental version, testing out new stuff while encountering error gives me that feeling of “beta-tester” player. testing new stuff while reporting some error and problems.

and second, this just happen to my gameplay session :

this is an error i encountered when i was walking on underground subway (i was crowded by lots of zombie so i choose to travel around through underground subway)
this happens when i was travelling the underground subway and i heard some sort of shooting and zombies dying, the log didn’t say anything about that so i ignore it and continue, then few minutes later the log says there is explosion and zombie fights and then that error pop-up.