Vehicle - free parts repair?

When I repair sth with for example ‘makeshift welder’ then I’m using energy from it and scrap metal. But when i install sth on vehicle and repair it then I’m using only energy from welder?
I’m not sure if it is not in only my game world, cause I created it quite few days ago and updated to newer experimental version, so maybe it is reason of this…

It has been like that for a long time now. My understanding is that repairing vehicle won’t consume any material until a good system is implemented for it.

Now I see not every element is like that. For example headlights to repair need ‘superglue’/‘duct tape’/bone glue’.

You have good timing, I was about to point out this.

Case A: Two scrap metal required to repair steel plating.

Case B: Nothing required to repair steel plating when it is installed in a ‘vehicle’.


So at some point, all welding is going to

  1. require vastly more power, to the point where acetylene torches are more efficient. The realistic numbers for welding are something like 85 battery charges for each minute of the job.
  2. require flux rods
  3. require scrap metal, if not small sheet metal for large repairs.

I’m busy fixing 0.E bugs right now, but it’s on my plan for 0.F, and I’m going to unify the wacky vehicle repair mechanics at the same time.


Wait a minute… fixing bugs for E? I do hope that means us simple stable folk will soon be able to enjoy all the various new goodies those experimental folk are raving on about.

Concerning vehicle repair:

  1. Are electronic things going to require copper wire to fix? Would make sense and I wouldn’t be against it.
  2. And finally, are complicated parts going to require pieces of their constituents to be repaired? As in solar panels requiring solar cells? If so then I would hope that there’d be a crafting recipe for most of the parts, at least makeshift versions that incur greater costs to repair.

Version 0.E is planned for the end of the year, but the magic 8 ball is uncertain beyond that. There hasn’t been a call for feature freeze yet, for instance.

In general, I’d like vehicle repairs to repair the underlying item and use the same systems, but I’d also like if it repairing electronic devices required solder, copper wire, and electronic scrap.

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