Is anyone having trouble with smoke staying in the mouth?

I ended up standing in a smoke cloud created by a stove fire for a long time due to crafting, and I have been winded for a while but still have the smoke(mouth) effect. How should I deal with this/prevent it? Is it intended?

a few notes:
-this is the drawback of using brazier, stoves and fire ring. (using a stone fire place or wood stove prevents this)
-you can greatly reduce the chance of getting smoke by staying as far away as possible for whatever you are using it for. 3+ tiles away guarantees no smoke, while if you are using it for light you can leave a 1 tile gap and still craft.
-for reading your best off using a candle, oil lamp, proper fireplace or waiting until day since to read without penalty requires standing next to the fire
-alternatively wearing a bandana reduces the hazard posed by smoke (wiki says by about 65%) so in theory if you are in good health this could lower the risk from smoke to an acceptable level
-the smoke(mouth) should go away with time so long as you aren’t exposed again to smoke.


mouth encumbrance may be a factor too with getting your stamina back.

if you’re wearing a gas mask and any other face gear it will slow the rate you can restore stamina.
Basically mouth coverings are preventive, not curative.