Adding freezers to Cataclysm?

It would be great if freezers could be added to Cataclysm.
I have one in my house.
It should work similiar to minifridges but when it should freeze all stored items.
Perfect for keeping food fresh forever!
Or at least until there is enough power to keep it running… :wink:
What do you think?

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Am sure freezer is added in new experimental, only as vehicle part like minifridge. Or maybe is part of a vehicle part mod. I saw minifreezer part somewhere…

Minifreezers were added quite a while ago in the experimentals. They are, as Kurchie says, for vehicles only, but that shouldn’t be an issue, considering you can easily make a vehicle inside a building too in order to have a functioning freezer and fridge in your house of choice.

So it looks like I wasn’t lucky to find one.
I’ll keep looking.

You can usually get those from ice cream trucks.