Invisible smoke everywhere, even zombies are affected, i think its a bug

Hi everyone! this is my first post in this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:
In all my years playing cdda i have never encounter something like this. Should i report this in Github? Also i’m trying to attach screenshots but i can’t upload them

When i enter certain parts of a town, the log spams:

  • Noticeable amount of smoke fills your lungs
  • Your eyes mildly irritate
  • You draw in a faint whiff of smoke

Bit the thing is that I’m not getting any effects,

Even the zombies are being affected, when i see them with “V” they have the effect I’m being spammed with:
IIIII Zombie Inhaled plenty of smoke (mouth) and minor eye irritation (eyes)

could be gas or a certain type of chemical leak

Its a bug, but could be a feature. Uncontrollable forest fires in Canada due to worldwide apocalypse cannot be extinguished anymore and the smoke from them covers New England.