Smoke and hot air make the game very slow


In my current world, I have burnt down a building next to my base in order to get rocks. Several days later, the ruins keep generating smoke as well as “hot air 3”. The problem is that it slows my game down to such a degree that a night’s sleep takes several minutes of actual time and crafting is very slow as well. I tried clearing the rubble and the weird thing is that smoke and hot air keep being generated in the now empty field. I am running an experimental version from September 15. Updating to a version from today did not fix the issue.

I am reasonably sure that the smoke is what makes the game slow down since the game runs smoothly outside the reality bubble radius of the ruins. Also, there are essentially no monsters (except lots of pulped zombies) and I am located in a small town with less than 10 houses and forest/empty land surrounding it. Disabling experimental z-levels did not make any measurable difference in performance.

If this is a bug, it is not a game-breaking one to me since I can simply relocate my base. But I thought I should point it out. And it would be a shame to have to leave my nice little farming area, charcoal kiln, smoking rack, etc. If there is a way to share my save game in here or elsewhere for someone to look into the issue, I’d be happy to do so.



I have also experienced this. Although, turning off Z-levels does help in my case due to sleeping in a basement underground rather than above where the “hot air” and smoke resides. The lag is so bad that whenever I craft or go to sleep I get up and do something else for a few minutes before coming back. The lag even prevents me from alt-tabbing out to watch videos while I wait. I’m also using the experimental branch and updating has not fixed the issue.

A bit off topic, but regarding the latest experimental build have you noticed monsters not following you up/down stairs? I’m unsure if I’m just insanely lucky or if something is wrong in that department.

File an issue with attached save, so it could be profiled.

Zhilkin: I have now filed an issue on GitHub with a link to the save game.

Here is a link in case anyone is interested:

Surprisekitty, regarding your off-topic comment: yes, I did experience zombies consistently not following me upstairs/downstairs (with experimental z-levels on, I didn’t test it with them off). It seems to have been an issue for a while now. I assume it is not the intended behavior since zombies normally bee-line towards you. It recently made clearing a basement quite a challenge for me since I got surrounded by zombies every time I went down there. I seem to recall being grabbed by them even as I was back on the ground level but still they did not follow me and I could easily get out of the grab.


Surprisekitty, check this out regarding monsters not following you up-/downstairs:

Lol, I’m actually the one who made that post on github. I wasn’t seeing an issue about it so I bit the bullet and decided to submit the issue.

Hehe, I had a feeling it was you. Would be nice to have that issue fixed.