New Pocket System & Items

I’m hoping to understand the new system better, and some of the decisions made for it. I have a canvas sack, and it has a pocket. There’s nothing listed as not being allowed in the thing, but when I try to use the “insert” command to put something in it, literally nothing in my inventory is allowed. For example, I have 15.00 L of flour I’d love to stick in a sack, I know it doesn’t DO anything per se, but it feels like it should be in a container rather than just sitting loose on a shelf.

But it seems like the canvas sack only takes fertilizer and nothing else. Thoughts?

Assuming you try to use the system correctly, do you have the space to hold it?
The canvas sack isn’t rigid, so if you’ll fill in 15 liters of flour, you also need space to hold a 15+ liter canvas sack.

Also, since the calculation of your available space is done beforehand, you need the full volume of what it will measure afterwards without deducting the volume you free up by filling the sack with whatever item. That space needs to be available in the place the sack’s currently in.

If you have it in the pocket of your trousers, you will not be able to fill the sack.

I’ve tested it in build 0.E-10923 and had no problems to fill it with whatever I wanted as long as I’ve made sure it has the necessary space and does not exceed the volume or weight limit of the canvas sack itself - even 15 liters of flour.

My experience makes it seem like canvas sack is not a standard container, and should not be compared to actual containers in any way. I think its for seeds or something, and maybe some crafting recipes like sandbags? not sure, but don’t bother running around trying to use it like a rucksack. Been that way for as long as Ive seen it in game, and that was long before the pocket system. Sorry I cant be any more helpful.

That’s very strange, as I have like 30 L of space in my inventory, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Is all that space in one single pocket, or in different pockets?

On a side note, I have about 1l free space in my survivor suit, but it won’t take anything inside, even 0.01 stuff.

I also don’t use them that way, but you could fill it and then drag the sack (or multiple) along the ground, as (in my experience) it’s faster than dragging multiple single pieces on the ground (like glass shards and stuff).

Also, the canvas sack needs to be in that pocket that has all that space.

Does it exceed the maximum weight capacity of that pocket?

I’m guessing here (being new and only having experience of 0.E2 stable), but wielding the container ought to work around inventory space restrictions and clashes, and once you’ve stuffed your items into it it ought to be possible to fit it into whatever inventory container slot that might take it.


Indeed, that’s the case.
For some reason I did it the other way around (wielding the stuff I want to put into the sack, as one would do in real life) during my testings, which also works, but your way is superior to any other I’ve tried.

Well, in real life you tend to “wield” both the container and the item (while the game doesn’t allow you to handle two items at the same time), and very rarely try to put things in the bag you have folded up in your shirt pocket…

And I’m happy to be able to pay back a very small part of the help you’ve provided.

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I don’t know, since I can’t be bothered to check every single pocket. I just take it as granted.

If you want to use a canvas sack as a backpack-type wearable container, just turn it into a swag bag.