Pots with their own Inventory

So, as i was looking at a pot i just had a random thought.

       ... Why can't you store stuff in that pot.

On to my train of thought… certain items could have a storage property that would make them so much more useful to carry rather than just carrying around an empty pot that has space inside that is not being taken advantage of.

what i’m saying is that you could probably have items that have their own volume inside of your inventory other than just liquids.

I can see how that this could be abused like by having a ton of backpacks or something in your inventory but to get around that. perhaps have “empty volume” where it would be probably less than the slandered volumes but when that item would have anything taking up volume inside of it… the container itself would take more volume… well, certain objects

as you see, pots wouldn’t have that issue for they are always at maximum size at all times and i would presume it would have a lid. making it to where you could carry around a cooking utensil and not cry too much over the wasted inventory space cause you are making up for a little bit of it by storing all your medicine in the pot… or lawnmowers :stuck_out_tongue:

And perhaps have a hammer-space pot somewhere.

Yep, volume and storage could use some work, it’s a known issue. Problem is it’ll take a lot of work to make some of the changes (namely individual inventories for storage items), quite possibly more than it’s worth at the moment.

This is why they invented packmule.
Regular person - Darn, I can only fill my jeans with 1 pot and no heavy sticks. 12/10 vol
Packmule - Hey I can put some squirrel corpses in the pot and take it home! 14/14 vol

I’d imagine we need to reduce the volume on the pot to simulate the spaces inside.

I just tried sticking a pot into my backpack.
The hard part is getting the handle to not fk it up.
What’s the ingame value of a pot anyways? Why even carry it around, isn’t it interchangeable for a frying pan?

Hey are nearly the same, but a pot can boil water and stuff.

Are Cata pots big stew pots or small pans?